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Barcoding code128

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  • Barcoding code128

    The attached files are similar to Ira Perlow's UPCAFont functions, in fact Ira contributed changes
    which condensed and doubled the speed of my working functions.

    The implementation of Code128 barcoding represented here is limited to Type C. Type C handles

    number pairs 00-99. If you attempt to barcode the string "001", the result will be the barcode for

    "0001". I plan to work on a full implementation of Code128 as time permits.

    The encoded strings which are the results of these functions map to the CIA Code 128 fonts.

    Visit their website for this font.

    There can be only one.

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    RE: Barcoding code128

    I've made a couple of changes to strip out alphabetic characters entered (accidentally ?) to make sure the function works as intended. If a purely alphabetic string is processed for encoding, the function will encode "00".
    There can be only one.


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      RE: Barcoding code128

      The previous file also includes the demo version of a program with the barcode fonts, as mentioned in the first post.
      There can be only one.


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        Re: Barcoding code128

        Hi Stan
        I need to use a code 128 barcode within a label (preferably Id automations c128L)and I am wondering if your functions will encode my 24 digit string to use with the barcode font. I can generate the 24 digits but need the function that will encode it properly.

        Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.



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          Re: Barcoding code128

          That was a long time ago. Worth a try.
          There can be only one.


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            Re: Barcoding code128

            Do you have a sample xbasic script that incorporates these functions?


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              Re: Barcoding code128

              As functions you use them like any other. Save/create them on the code tab.

              You define a calculated field for your label. The expression for the calculated field is


              Place the calculated field on the label and set the proper font.

              I think the second function was the checksum calculator.
              There can be only one.


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                Re: Barcoding code128

                Thanks Stan. I'll give it a try. Is it useable with any c128 font? Or is there a specific one you used for this function ?


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                  Re: Barcoding code128

                  The encoded strings which are the results of these functions map to the CIA Code 128 fonts.
                  Don't have any others to test.
                  There can be only one.


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                    Re: Barcoding code128

                    Hi Stan
                    I tried out your fuctions and the second function does do the check digit part of the barcode which is called from the first encoding function. I believe the math calculations to create the pairs of numbers is correct however the resulting text string is not. From my research I believe that once you build the number string with the check digit you have to pair up the numbers and assign the correct ascii character. ie replace a pair of 90 with a "z" - you have to do this for each pair using a loop. In your function you sting together a rather long looking set of characters that I can figure out.

                    Any ideas on this?



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                      Re: Barcoding code128

                      The function processes the number string and tacks on the encoded check digit as the final step.

                      This section processes the number pairs to encoded values.

                      for i = 1 to pairs
                      ' ***************** Simplify pair selection
                      	' Get the character for the font for the ith position in the barcode and
                      If your font uses different encoding you need to change the part that builds the substiturion string chr0099.
                      There can be only one.


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                        Re: Barcoding code128

                        Do you think that using a lookup to a table that has the two digit pairs and the corresponding ASCII character or using a case statement to do the lookup to return the two digit pairs ASCII equivalent could work too to build the encoding string? I have the ascii map for my font. Here is the mapping.



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                          Re: Barcoding code128

                          Both of these links are invalid. What is the function used to calculate code128?

                          I found this but it seems like it will need some modification before it can be used as a function in alpha.

                            Public Function Code128$(chaine$)
                            'V 2.0.0
                              'Parameters : a string
                            'Return : * a string which give the bar code when it is dispayed with CODE128.TTF font
                            '         * an empty string if the supplied parameter is no good
                            Dim i%, checksum&, mini%, dummy%, tableB As Boolean
                            Code128$ = ""
                            If Len(chaine$) > 0 Then
                            'Check for valid characters
                              For i% = 1 To Len(chaine$)
                                Select Case Asc(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1))
                                Case 32 To 126, 203
                                Case Else
                                  i% = 0
                                  Exit For
                                End Select
                              'Calculation of the code string with optimized use of tables B and C
                              Code128$ = ""
                              tableB = True
                              If i% > 0 Then
                                i% = i% become the string index
                                Do While i% <= Len(chaine$)
                                  If tableB Then
                                    'See if interesting to switch to table C
                                    'yes for 4 digits at start or end, else if 6 digits
                                    mini% = IIf(i% = 1 Or i% + 3 = Len(chaine$), 4, 6)
                                    GoSub testnum
                                    If mini% < 0 Then 'Choice of table C
                                      If i% = 1 Then 'Starting with table C
                                        Code128$ = Chr$(210)
                                      Else 'Switch to table C
                                        Code128$ = Code128$ & Chr$(204)
                                      End If
                                      tableB = False
                                      If i% = 1 Then Code128$ = Chr$(209) 'Starting with table B
                                    End If
                                  End If
                                  If Not tableB Then
                                    'We are on table C, try to process 2 digits
                                    mini% = 2
                                    GoSub testnum
                                    If mini% < 0 Then 'OK for 2 digits, process it
                                      dummy% = Val(Mid$(chaine$, i%, 2))
                                      dummy% = IIf(dummy% < 95, dummy% + 32, dummy% + 105)
                                      Code128$ = Code128$ & Chr$(dummy%)
                                      i% = i% + 2
                                    Else 'We haven't 2 digits, switch to table B
                                      Code128$ = Code128$ & Chr$(205)
                                      tableB = True
                                    End If
                                  End If
                                  If tableB Then
                                    'Process 1 digit with table B
                                    Code128$ = Code128$ & Mid$(chaine$, i%, 1)
                                    i% = i% + 1
                                  End If
                                'Calculation of the checksum
                                For i% = 1 To Len(Code128$)
                                  dummy% = Asc(Mid$(Code128$, i%, 1))
                                  dummy% = IIf(dummy% < 127, dummy% - 32, dummy% - 105)
                                  If i% = 1 Then checksum& = dummy%
                                  checksum& = (checksum& + (i% - 1) * dummy%) Mod 103
                                'Calculation of the checksum ASCII code
                                checksum& = IIf(checksum& < 95, checksum& + 32, checksum& + 105)
                                'Add the checksum and the STOP
                                Code128$ = Code128$ & Chr$(checksum&) & Chr$(211)
                              End If
                            End If
                            Exit Function
                            'if the mini% characters from i% are numeric, then mini%=0
                            mini% = mini% - 1
                            If i% + mini% <= Len(chaine$) Then
                              Do While mini% >= 0
                                If Asc(Mid$(chaine$, i% + mini%, 1)) < 48 Or Asc(Mid$(chaine$, i% + mini%, 1)) > 57 Then Exit Do
                                mini% = mini% - 1
                            End If
                          End Function
                          Last edited by hov333; 11-29-2016, 01:17 PM.


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                            Re: Barcoding code128

                            I didn't install the code128.ttf so I haven't tested it but I made a stab at translating the function.

                            code128 - 11-29-2016 -1.txt
                            There can be only one.