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Selecting problem records for end user

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  • Selecting problem records for end user

    The project I am working on (eSum) has numerous xbasic based batch processes that can be launched from forms. The forms contain the data that the xbasic is processing if there are problems with any of the data an error field in the same table is filled out with error description. At the end of process all records with errors are queried up for the end user to review.

    The following function and script assist in this process. The function will take a space separated list of record numbers and does a query on them or marks them depending if the function is launched from a form or not. It also saves a copy of this Query list so that script can be called from the form to recreate the Query.

    If a error is encountered during the xBasic processing the script need only write a text description to field within the offending record and add the record number to a string that is then passed to this function. The code for building the record list is simply;

    ErrList = ErrList + TrimNum(Tbl.recno()) + " " 'Add record to error list

    You will see reference to a function PrgrssBar this function puts up a modeless dialog box with a progress bar but is not included here you will need to supply your own.
    Function to Query Up or Mark offending records

    'Date Created: 22-Aug-2013 11:30:03 PM
    'Last Updated: 14-Feb-2014 11:47:35 AM
    'Created By  : Paul Verboom
    'Updated By  : Paul Verboom
    FUNCTION zQryFromList AS C (DialogTtl AS C, tbl AS P, byrev QueryList AS C, RunFromFB AS L, QueryOrder AS C, CallFuncName AS C, Recall AS L)
    'This function builds a query that will contain all the records 
    'in a list, passed to the function
    'If the list is less then 500 characters long then the 
    'A5 function is_recno_in() is used otherwise
    'records are marked and Query is built from marked records
    'If function is not called from a form records are marked regardless
    'This function was written to composate for errors generated by
    'is_recno_in() function when list was too long
    'It appears that the strings passed to the Query function must be under 500-1000 characters
    'DialogTtl        - The title used in the progress bar
    'Tbl            - pointer to the table we are working on
    'QueryList        - space seperated record numbers
    'RunFromFB        - True if run from a Form or Browse must do a query otherwise must mark records
    'QueryOrder        - The order to use when doing Queries
    'CallFuncName     - The name of the calling function if null DialogTtl is used
    '                  is different when only when recalling previous queries     
    'Recall            - T if this is a recall of a Query, prevents Query from being added to recall list again
    'Function returns message indicating what was done
    'Function also records the details of the last 10 Queries generated this way to variables
    'these variables are not retained between sessions.
    'The companion Script zQyPrvList allows one of these saved Queries to be reinstated.
        '---- Set up Error handler for this function ----
        errspot = ""
        '// Save the Query so it can be recalled ----
        'Standard variable can be dimmed a second time but arrays can not so test for existance is required
        '!!  DO NOT PLACE comments within variable TYPE declaration. Will cause syntax errors in   !!!
        '!! runtime enviroment, and cause unknown function error as function will not be loaded    !!!
        IF .NOT. is_object(PrvList) THEN                        'Does storage array already exist
            PrvListPtr = 1                                         'if not define it now
            TYPE ListMemory
                TableName as C
                QueryOrder as C
                QueryList as C
                Name as C
                Time as C
            END TYPE
            DIM Global PrvList[1] as {ListMemory}                
        END IF
        IF .NOT. Recall THEN                                    'Not a recall so save Query conditions
            PrvList.insert(1,1)                                    'push the values into array
            PrvList[1].TableName = FILE.FILENAME_PARSE(tbl.filename_get(),"n")
            IF isnull(CallFuncName)
                PrvList[1].Name = DialogTtl
                PrvList[1].Name = CallFuncName
            end if
            PrvList[1].Time = left(time(),5)
            PrvList[1].QueryOrder = QueryOrder                    '! array size is not limited but is not
            PrvList[1].QueryList = QueryList                    '! not saved between runs should be Ok
        END IF
        '// We have Query list now get to that ----
        IF Len(QueryList) > 500 THEN
            ToLong = .T.
            ToLong = .F.
            QueryList = " " + QueryList + " "
        END IF
        'Are we going to need to mark records if so unmark them all now
        '!this approach causes full index rebuild with significant delays
        '!will unmark records in marking loop instead
        '!IF .NOT. RunFromFB .OR. ToLong THEN
        '!    tbl.index_primary_put("_Marked")
        '!    tbl.unmark_range()
        '!    tbl.index_primary_put()
        '!END IF
        'If record list is not too long then we can do direct Query
        IF .NOT. ToLong THEN
            query.filter = "is_recno_in(QueryList)"
            query.order = QueryOrder
            query.options = ""
            indx = tbl.query_create()
            RecQty = indx.records_get()
            'Record list was too long so we must loop through all records
            '! would be quicker to lookup up each record in list
            '! and mark it but this gives no oppertunity to unmark records
            RecQty = tbl.records_get()                        'number of records
            '!Batch mode causes full index rebuild with significant delays
            '!However exception errors occur when it is not used on large files
            tbl.fetch_first()                                'Get the Installation Code
            'How many records to count
            DIM MarkTtl as N
            DIM MarkCnt as N = 0
            MarkTtl = occurs(space(1),QueryList)
            'Intialize progress bar
            RecCur = 1
            UpdCnt = 1
            UpdFlg = int(RecQty/100)
            PrgrssBar("I","Marking " + MarkTtl + " records",1)
            'Check each record in the USER Correction data
            WHILE .not. tbl.fetch_eof()
                'Update progress bar but not evey loop or we spend
                ' all our time updating progress bar
                UpdCnt = UpdCnt + 1
                IF UpdCnt > UpdFlg THEN
                    UpdCnt = 1
                END IF
                RecCur = RecCur + 1
                'Is this record in the list
                RecWord = " " + TrimNum(tbl.recno()) + " "
                IF AT(RecWord,QueryList) THEN
                    'This record was found in list so lets mark it
                    errspot = "chngrec"
                    commit_flag = .T.
                    errspot = ""
                    IF .NOT. commit_flag THEN                'can only be FALSE IF error changing record
                        error_generate("Unable to Mark record " + MarkCnt + " of " + MarkTtl \
                        + crlf() + Commit_error)
                    END IF
                    MarkCnt = MarkCnt + 1
                else if tbl.is_marked() then
                    'record should not be marked so unmark it
                    errspot = "chngrec"
                    commit_flag = .T.
                    errspot = ""
                    IF .NOT. commit_flag THEN                'can only be FALSE IF error changing record
                        error_generate("Unable to UnMark record")
                    END IF
                END IF
            END WHILE
            '!batch not used causes full index's rebuilds with significant delays.
        END IF
        'If we ran from a form or browse and we marked records then we now need to do a query
        IF RunFromFB .AND. ToLong THEN
            query.filter = "marked()"
            query.order = QueryOrder
            query.options = ""
            indx = tbl.query_create()
            RecQty = indx.records_get()
        END IF
        'If not run from a form or browse and direct Query was done then we need to mark the Queried records
        IF (.NOT. RunFromFB) .AND. (.NOT. ToLong) THEN
        END IF
        DIM Mess as C
        IF .NOT. RunFromFB THEN
            Mess = "Records have been marked"
        ELSE IF ToLong THEN
            Mess = "Records have been Marked and Queried"
            Mess = "Records have been queried"
        END IF
        zQryFromList = Mess
    end function
    '---- ERROR Handler -----
    'actual error reporting could be elborated to be a central function with log generation etc.
    'Record Entry or Change operation must be completed to prevent
    'leaving table in change or entry mode. Set flags and return.
    IF errspot = "chngrec"
            Commit_error = error_text_get() + " Line: " + TrimNum(error_line_number_get())
            Commit_flag = .F.
            resume next
    End if
    'if run from form refresh the browse so error record is displayed
    IF RunFromFB THEN
    END IF
    ui_msg_box("ERROR "+DialogTtl,error_text_get()+crlf()+"Error Line: "+TrimNum(error_line_number_get()))
    Script to recall previous Queries

    'Date Created: 31-Oct-2013 08:37:43 AM
    'Last Updated: 03-Apr-2014 12:42:25 PM
    'Created By  : Paul Verboom
    'Updated By  : Paul Verboom
    'Title for all Dialogs generated by this script
    DIM DialogTtl AS C =  "Recall Previous eSum Generated Query (zQryPrvList)"
    DIM RunFromFB as L                                    
    DIM Tbl as P
    'Was script run from a form if so get the base table name
    IF is_object(topparent.this) THEN
        IF topparent.Class() = "form" .or. topparent.class() = "browse" THEN
            tbl = topparent.Table_Get()
            RunFromFB = .T.
            RunFromFB = .F.
        END IF
        RunFromFB = .F.
    END IF
    IF .NOT. is_object(PrvList) THEN                            'If storage array does not exist nothing to recall
        MsgBox(DialogTtl,"No Previous eSum Generated Queries to Recall for this screen (1).",UI_ATTENTION_SYMBOL+UI_OK)
    end if    
    'Run from form or browse so recall Query from those for this table
    IF RunFromFB 
        'Build contents of the list
        Table = FILE.FILENAME_PARSE(tbl.filename_get(),"n")        'determine how many recall entries exist
        CntRecalls = 0                                            ' for this entry
        FOR x = 1 TO PrvList.size(1)
            IF PrvList[x].TableName = Table THEN
                CntRecalls = CntRecalls + 1
            END IF
        IF CntRecalls = 0 THEN                                    'IF no entries exist advise user of same
            MsgBox(DialogTtl,"No Previous eSum Generated Queries to Recall for this screen (2).",UI_ATTENTION_SYMBOL+UI_OK)
        END IF
        DIM SHARED QuerySelect as C                                'selection returned in this variable
        DELETE a_QueryList                                        'build a Previous Query list to select from
        DIM a_QueryList[CntRecalls] as C                        'stores the recalls available for current table
        Delete a_OrgNum                                            'stores orginal previous array element number
        DIM a_OrgNUm[CntRecalls] as C
        DIM NxtPrv as N=1
        FOR x = 1 to PrvList.size(1)                            'go through all previous entries and build
            IF PrvList[x].TableName = Table THEN                'lookup array
                a_QueryList[NxtPrv] = TrimNum(NxtPrv) + "  " + PrvList[x].Time  + "  " +  PrvList[x].Name
                a_OrgNum[NxtPrv] = x
                NxtPrv = NxtPrv + 1
            END IF
        'Now put up dialog box
        Text = <<%txt%
    Various scripts that are run from forms in eSum will present a list of records failed or processed at thier completion. The list are retained during the current session and can be retrieved with this script.
    These are list of record numbers. The Query or search that generated the list is not rerun when this option is selected. 
    When records are deleted in eSum the record is marked for deletion and not removed till the table is packed. This function references records by thier physical record number. Therefore deleted records will remain visable within Queries recalled by this script.
    Only Queries generated from the Current form or browse are listed.
    Select the eSum generated Query that you want to recall.
        Dialog = <<%dlg%
    Select:| [.55,5QuerySelect^#a_QueryList];
        <*15&Proceed!Proceed>    <15&Cancel!CANCEL>
        While .T.     
            Result = ui_dlg_box(DialogTtl,Dialog)            'Put up the dialog box
            IF Result <>"Proceed" THEN
            END IF
            NxtPrv = VAL(LEFT(QuerySelect,2))                  'get the index value and verify it
            IF NxtPrv > 0 
                exit while
            end if
            MsgBox(DialogTtl,"You must select a entry",UI_OK)
        'Process users selection
        QueryList = PrvList[a_OrgNum[NxtPrv]].QueryList     'get previous list values
        QueryOrder = PrvList[a_OrgNum[NxtPrv]].QueryOrder
        CallFuncName = PrvList[a_OrgNum[NxtPrv]].Name        'now run the query
        zQryFromList(DialogTtl, Tbl, QueryList, RunFromFB, QueryOrder, CallFuncName,.T.)
        MsgBox(DialogTtl,"Can only be run from a form",UI_OK)
    END IF