Ok I'm in the newbies category still when it comes to DB design.

I used the "normal" control panel to create a set from 2 SQL tables I made using the Web projects control panel with the plan in mind that I needed to do that in order to bind my UX components to a set in order to update multiple fields correctly.

For simplicity and testing, I created a table called Services with 2 fields:
Service_Id and Service_Type
...and a table called Customers:
Customer_Id and Customer_Name

I then made a set with parent being Customers and child being Services, with a one to many relationship, linked by their respective ids.

When I try to databind in UX controls, it won't let me select a set, or even more than one string connection at once.

How am I supposed to design a more elaborate app without creating multiple tables, and linking them into sets via foreign keys? I'd just like to create an app like the one in the pic for my very small locksmith company to use.
Any help is greatly appreciated! SERVICE logical_data_model.gif