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Thread: SQL and Arguments

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    Default SQL and Arguments

    What is the correct way to decalre arguments with SQL.....the code below keeps giving me errors that no arguments have been declared for the SQL Query. The sql line that is commented out works correctly....wanted to make sure the rest of the code worked without the arguments.

    e.SQLCommandWasHandled = .t.
    sql = "INSERT INTO Ratings (IdeaSeq, UserId)VALUES (:NEW_Ideaeq1, :New_USERID)"
    ' sql = "INSERT INTO Ratings (IdeaSeq, UserId)VALUES (1,1)" -- For testing this line works
    dim flag as l
    dim args as sql::arguments
    args.xml = e.argsxml = .t.
    flag =
    if flag = .t. then
    e.flagError = .f.
    e.errorText = ""
    e.rowsAffected =
    e.SQLToDisplay = sql
    e.ArgsToDisplay = ""
    e.flagError = .t.
    e.errorText =
    e.rowsAffected = 0
    end if

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