I have a visible lookup grid that populates a hidden textbox with a numeric datatype. The information is then inserted into a SQL Server database. However, if I do NOT choose a value in the lookup grid I have indicated the hidden field should treat blanks as NULLS and pass back a NULL value if nothing is selected. The SQL table does accept NULL values in this particular field. Standard stuff so far.

Here is the weird part. If I don't select a value in the lookup grid the hidden field does not pass back a NULL it passes a zero and this of course causes a a key violation because the value is a foreign key value and zero is not an acceptable value. However, if I make the hidden field visible and once again repeat the exercise (e.g. not selecting a value in the lookup grid) it DOES pass back a null value with Alpha indicating that it is treating the field as a z datatype. This was never a problem in v10.5 so I am wondering if I am missing something or if this is a bug.