I am running A4v7 with Win XP service pack 3. I have run the 7.01 patch although when I press F3 from the main menu, the info screen still shows the version as 7.0.0. The date of my winagent file is 17th December 2001 and printdump.exe is dated 18th December 2001 and I use the A4.exe file to start Alpha which suggests that I am running A47.01.

Sometimes, (maybe 10 percent of the time) when sending a print job to a local printer attached the PC, nothing happens. If I go to Start->Printers and Faxes and look at the printer info, there is no print job running or pending. At this point, winagent does not close when I exit Alpha although I have added the line < Start winagent "command=quit"> to the alpha_start2.bat file (winagent does usually close on exiting Alpha). The only way to retrieve the print job is to go into the Windows Task Manager, locate winagent.exe and click on "End Process". When I restart Alpha, as soon as the main menu appears, the print job immediately starts.

I have deleted the winagent file and re-installed it and run the 7.10 patch again but no luck. Has anyone else had this problem?