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Thread: Loadster - Load and Performance Testing - Great Tool

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    Default Loadster - Load and Performance Testing - Great Tool

    Anyone interested in load and performance testing should check out a product called Loadster
    I started using it 6 weeks ago and have been very impressed. They have a 25 user version that is free and a paid for option to emmulate an unlimited number of users. Building test scripts and scenarios is straightforward and there are lots of options for setting ramp up timing and test durations.

    So far I have been using the free version and have a scenario set up containing 10 scripts that I run almost daily against my production server. The reports generated from the test runs are very impressive and give a lot of insight to the performance of each page/grid. Very valuable information to know what pages and grids need attention like SQL indexes, unnecessary callbacks, etc. I also have the scripts set up to mimic 25 user at a ridiculously fast rate as I wanted to see if I could break my app or the WAS. I've been able to create slow downs, and an occasional 501 method not found error, but no WAS/site failures. I'll be purchasing the product in the near future with the unlimited users so I can find the breaking point.

    Also, I updated my production WAS yesterday with the newest build 2759-3962 and am experiencing some performance gains. Overall, the pages/grids are processing anywhere from 10 to 50 percent faster. The faster increases are happening when multiple tabs are opened and closed and opened again in a tabbed UI. Also, the server monitoring is reporting lower WAS memory usage, especially during load testing. I'm running 5 sites each with their own WAS and before the newest build, the memory usage ranged from 70m to 190m. After updating to build 2759, each WAS is using anywhere from 65m to 104m during load testing which looks like a nice improvement.

    Side note.... no 501 method errors so far (knock on wood)

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    Default Re: Loadster - Load and Performance Testing - Great Tool

    I was about to say you should see the 501 errors go away with the new build, then I saw that you haven't seen them since updating. The improved performance and the 501 fix go together as part of this patch.

    Lenny Forziati
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