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Thread: Windows 8 compatibility

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    Default Windows 8 compatibility

    I hear Microsoft is going to have an upgrade offer to windows 8 for $39.99 for users of XP, Vista and earlier Windows 7 users. $14.99 for recent Windows 7 users. Thinking that might be a good time to upgrade my older XP machine. Does anyone know if Alpha 10.5 will work with the new 8 OS?

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    Default Re: Windows 8 compatibility

    There have been a couple of post about this Garry, and I beleive the response was that as Win8 wasn't formally launched yet, there are no guarantees.
    The issue is likely to be a licensing one forced on Alpha by M/soft, but there is a long way to go as I suspect the licensing enforcement is "anti-trust".
    If you do a search on Windows 8 you will find some links to the discussion on the web.
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