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Thread: try to print browse = crash

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    Default try to print browse = crash

    I'm using ver. 8. I've had this issue constantly. I don't have to print that often so I forget how I did it before. It seems like it is just luck that I can get a browse printed before it crashes. I have "reset.exe" and have to run that between crashes. Are there any tricks that I'm missing or is there a particular thing that makes it crash? I can edit the browse to the info I need and so that it will fit on the page. It seems like the problem is always in the final step when I try to print.

    I'll appreciate any help! - Sue

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    Default Re: try to print browse = crash

    Hi Sue,

    How are you trying to print?

    This is the web server section. So, when you say browse, do you mean the contents of a grid?
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