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Thread: Generic Error Logging

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    Default Generic Error Logging

    Does Alpha have a Generic Error Log that keeps track of what lines were processed in scripts that ran in one session? I.e. Error Logging functionality in .NET.

    P.s. I am using this method in my Xbasic functions but sometimes it does not even create Logfile!! I don't know what i am doing wrong here?

    logfileName = "c:\xxx.txt"
    save_to_file("Test : " + "Started" + crlf(),logfileName, .f.)
    'This writes the first line and clears out the log file (the .f. means don't append).

    save_to_file("TestBatchKey: " + e._currentRowDataOld.LBBatchKey + crlf(),logfileName, .t.)
    save_to_file("TestInstrKey: " + e.Session.sInstrKey + crlf(),logfileName, .t.)

    P.S. I use session variables and that makes it even harder to debug with debug(1) in xbasic functions. Plus, i also use tmpl.showErrorDetail = .t. in my Grid Component advance properties but i believe it only catches the SQL Errors!!

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    Default Re: Generic Error Logging

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