I had this figured out for the old style dialogs, but I'm stumped as to how to make it work in the new dialog component.

For example, in the "AfterValidate" Properties section of the old dialog, I had the following code:

dim global vFromDate as c = currentform.controls.fromdate.value
dim global vToDate as c = currentform.controls.todate.value

dim cFilter as c
cFilter = "between(dtoc(date)," + s_quote(FromDate) + "," + s_quote(ToDate) + ") .and. repagency = '" + session.__protected__repagency + "'"
filename = session.session_folder + chr(92) + "foo.pdf"
report.saveas("3_Ambo_Xport_Fee_Runs@[PathAlias.ADB_Path]\incidentset_ambxport.set", "pdf", cfilter,"", filename, .f.)
if file.exists(filename)
response.redirect(session.session_url + "foo.pdf?" + time("hms3"))
end if

And on the report in the "Define New Variables" section I would add:

vFromDate = ""
vToDate = ""

Then I drag those two variables out onto the report to show the starting and ending dates entered by the user.

But I am confused as to where the code in red (above) gets entered into the new dialog component?