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Thread: "In Use" Error

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    Default "In Use" Error


    I was wondering if anyone is having a problem like this. I have an application on a network with about seven to eight workstations and the main Alpha files on a Windows 2003 server. The workstations are running Windows XP and Vista. Periodically someone will go into one of the data entry screens and get a "Portion of the database is in use by another process" error which prevents access to the form. This usually happens with a database "set". It is always one or the other of the files in the set that is reported. The customer then goes madly about trying to see who may be in what on the other workstations but no one is in any process that should lock anything other than the record it is on. No one has access to the "Control Panel". Has anyone had an issue like this and if so did you find out what it may have been? The second part of my question is if there is any utility or way to tell what process on what workstations may have something locked? Does such a thing exist? All the workstations use a shadow database. Thanks.
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    Sounds like a permission issue....

    Is someone developing while others are using the system?

    If you are using shared folders, open the management console on the server and you can see the shared folders and who has the files open...
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    No, only a run time system. Thanks for the hint on the shared folders.

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