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Thread: Filtering a Grid by Date Values

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    Default Filtering a Grid by Date Values

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to filter a grid by date values:

    I have a list of reports that I want the user to be able to view in a grid.

    E.g. Each report has a "Report date"

    What I'm trying to achieve is when the grid is initially loaded it only loads the last 12 months of reports dates:

    But in the search filter I would also like the option for the user to enter a date older than the last 12 months eg. last 24 months and be able to view these reports in the grid if wanted.


    If the user logs into the app and view the reports grid - he/she will automatically see the last 12 months of reports. But if he/she wants to,,, he can filter the reports with a date eg:older than the last 24 months.

    There may be a simple way to do this but I'm stuck a the moment. I can filter the grid by a Date()-365 but then any date entered into the filter after this, will not show values older than the original (Date()-365) filter range.

    Hope this makes sense,

    In anticipation thanks...

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    Default Re: Filtering a Grid by Date Values

    Hi Ricky,

    I'm not sure how you're getting the criteria from the end user, but I think the functions addmonths() or addyears() will make things easier/more accurate.
    Using the examples below, I think you can see the difference (I don't know if 1 day makes a difference for you or not).
    The code for the search will vary depending on how the user enters the criteria (2 years, 24 months, ..12/29/2010 can all be valid entries).

    Hope this helps a bit,


    ? date() - 365
    = {12/30/2011}
    ? addyears(date(),-1)
    = {12/29/2011}
    ? addmonths(date(),-12)
    = {12/29/2011}

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    Default Re: Filtering a Grid by Date Values

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