Hello all,

I am pretty new to A5 and have v10 running. What I have is a grid with too many columns and as such there is a lot of data ion your face. Some of these columns are summaries and others are details.

What i would like to do is have the Detail column(s) hidden onLoad, but when you click on the summary column/heading the other appear...ie

On Load
office ID | Office Name | # Open Tickets
1234 | Melbourne | 22

and when you click on '# Open Tickets' OR '22' OR a button above it becomes

office ID | Office Name | # Open Tickets | Type A | Type B
1234 | Melbourne | 22 | 10 | 12

I have seen {grid.Object}.showGridColumn('TYPE_A', true); on the 'onClick' event

e.tmpl.flagMustRecalculateGridLayoutAndControls = .t.
e.tmpl.field_info[4].Column.Hide = .t.

on the onLoad event, but I cannot use them together for some reason.

Any thoughts??