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Thread: V5 CAN run on Win 7 64 Bit

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    Default V5 CAN run on Win 7 64 Bit

    I know there is probably a small and dwindling audience for this information but ... today I found out to my great surprise that the app I wrote with V5 is still widely in use on Win 7 machines. Considering that last year, when I got new 64 bit Win 7 machines myself, I sprang for the Pro version solely in order to get the Virtual XP machine to run V5, well boo hoo! And if this is already common knowledge I must be way more of a hermit than I think.

    In any event, I set up one of those machines today and, after getting one critical piece of information which I'd not seen anywhere before, had installed V5 and it was up and running just fine. (Glad I kept that activation key.) One warning though, the solution will change the look of your machine for all apps (and not for the better) while it's in place.

    (1) Install V5 using "Run as Administrator"
    (2) Set up the shortcut to "Run as Administrator"
    (3) Set compatibility mode to XP (although I'm not sure this is completely necessary).

    At this point V5 will start OK on the Win 7 64 bit machine but the menu/toolbar display is screwed up, which was always the main problem. The 32 bit OS throws up a bunch of errors on startup.

    In any event, the fix for the menu/toolbar display is as follows
    (4) Win 7 Control Panel, in the top right search box, type "Performance Options" and in the next screen, select "Performance Information and Tools".
    (5) In the "Performance and Tools" window, there should be a list of options down the left side of the screen. Choose "Adjust Visual Effects".
    (6) In the next dialog box, choose "Custom" and UNCHECK the "Use visual styles on windows and buttons", then "Apply"

    This does unspeakable things to your display - well not really, but ugly - but A5 V5 now shows menus and toolbars and is fully functional.

    They say it's never too late but ......

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    Default Re: V5 CAN run on Win 7 64 Bit

    See my Windows 7 (and Vista) compatibility tips which covers A5 v5 through v11.

    Alpha Five Version 5 runs fine in Virtual XP machine. In normal windows mode, I verified that on my Win 7 XP Pro 64 bit system what you stated does work.

    It is very important to set the exe/shortcut's property to Win XP Compatibility mode for A5v5 through A5v9 (and maybe A5v10 depending on patch release). If you don't, you will find wrong mappings to certain folders used by Alpha Five.
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