I have linked a Admin Workforce grid to a Admin Assignee subgrid, so that when an Admin Assistant is selected in the main grid, all of the executives assigned to that Admin Assistant are shown in the subgrid. Both grids are attached to sql tables.

New records can be added to the Assignee subgrid by clicking the New Records button which brings up a Detailed View with several fields to fill in. The first field in the detailed view is the EE Name (LF Name). This field has a lookup attached to a third sql table that has all employees from the company to select from.

Detail View.JPG

Lookup List Display.JPG

When the user starts typing an employee's name, an auto suggest list appears with names to select from and all the other fields are filled in once a name is selected. This works fine but the background of the lookup list is transparent for some reason. I was expecting the detailed view and grid to not be displayed beneath the lookup list. Also, I can scroll down the list by rolling the button on my mouse but when i try to select the scroll bar to the the right of the screen the list dissappears. I'm currently using the latest release of v11 on IE9. Thanks!