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Thread: Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!

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    Steve Hood
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    Default Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!

    I recently updated my Alpha Five App Server to the latest build (dated March 22, 2013).
    Ever since the update, my Alpha driven website crashes every night at around 9:00pm.. users receive "Host Unreachable Error in Browser".

    I run the AlwaysUp app so Alpha is running as a service. When I open AlwaysUp it shows that Alpha is still running!?
    So, I restart Alpha and it works again until the next evening when I again have to manually restart Alpha.

    In the Windows event log viewer for Application I find the following log recorded:
    The description for Event ID 0 from source Alpha Five Application Server cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information was included with the event:

    The server has shutdown

    Any ideas? Before applying the latest patch from Alpha I did not experience this issue.

    Steve Hood

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    Default Re: Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!


    I'm getting these errors as well now. But the build my client's running is still at 3036_4040 (it's a very large application and I haven't had the time to run tests in a development environment to make sure there wouldn't be any new bugs that would bring the entire thing down with the latest patches). My client started getting random 404 errors on grids and dialogs when they're using fields that are set up as either Edit-Combo or Auto-Suggest boxes:

    404 Error.png

    I've been trying to figure out where the problem is initiating for the last two days. Today, my client's IT guy sent me a summary of the Event Log from the Windows server that runs the application and apparently these EventID 0 errors have been happening since 4/8/2013!? No idea what triggered it. The only updates I made were to some individual components and their corresponding A5w pages which I'd copied over on 4/7, but the errors are popping up throughout the entire application, not just on the components that I updated. I'm going to attempt to re-install that existing patch (3036_4040) and republish the entire website tonight and see if it clears it up.

    The IT person did update their Trend Micro antivirus software on that Windows server, but I don't know if that is in any way connected yet.

    EDIT: I should clarify that my error's not entirely the same. I'm also using Always Up V8. But in my case the WAS is functioning and doesn't require a restart. The particular problem I'm running into is the 404 errors that popup within the web application and the EventID 0 below:

    EventID 0 Msg.JPG

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    Melissa Smith
    Triskelion Consulting, LLC

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    Edhy Rijo
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    Default Re: Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!

    Hi Melissa, Steve,

    Make sure you turn on the AWS log files for the server, specially the Access Log, Error Log, Raw HTTP Traffic and the Xbasic Error Stack logs. For that you will have to turn off the AWS first, then once you start getting the errors you can look at the logs to try to figure out what may be wrong.

    Be aware that turning all these logging options, will slow down the server performance a bit.
    Edhy Rijo
    (Computer Consultants)
    The makers of CardTracking.Net

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    Default Re: Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!

    Just wondering if you use the upload feature or SSL?

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    Default Re: Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!

    Just a thought, since it happens at the same time every night, are you running a nightly scheduled backup or something at that time that might not be playing nice with a change in the new build?

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    Default Re: Alpha Web Server Crashes Every Night at approximately 9:00pm!

    Or some late night partying at the office.

    Steve - since I am familiar with your application and V11, I can remote in to the server after you collect a day or so of logs. The most important are the "stack" and Raw logs.

    I know when I updated to latest I had to make sure I updated every TabbedUI (but I don't think you are using any). The error log should have some activity near the same time the Windows event log shows the error and you get shut down.

    Because you advertise and have lots of ads, you are also susceptible to being hit by search engines or other crawlers looking at your product list. Perhaps this is happening around that time. This might render your application "hung" even though the server is still running. Lately I have seen thousands of hacking hits on my servers and had to deal with them through blocking.
    Steve Wood
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