I am working with the new UX List control. I am showing totals in group header. I have two questions:

1) Hiding the {<BreakValue>}
Within the group header, I want to suppress the {<BreakValue>} because I only want to show the totals. I am currently using the following html to suppress the {<BreakValue>}.

It works, but is there a better method.

2) Totals Alignment
In the group header, I have a totals for each column. I would like to have those totals aligned with the column. Is there a quick and easy method to align the total with the column? I tried putting in "spaces" into the group header, but it very hard to align the totals to the columsn.
Also, I find when I put in the spaces, sometimes they don't "stick". When I close the list and re-open it, it has lost the spacing.

Any guidance would be appreciated. (Screenshot included to show desired behavior)5-6-2013 7-46-08 PM.png