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Thread: User to select fields to include in a report/table

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    Default User to select fields to include in a report/table

    Well hello all. I'm new to Alpha and quite keen to embrace it's huge power! I'm trying to move from Access front ends and utilise Alpha's features, but one feature that prevents me is not knowing how to allow the user to select which fields to includes in the output of a report or just a data set/table.

    The tutorial I have explains including a combo box based on a table that is used in the where clause of an SQL statement, but how about a list box of available fields that's included too?

    This may be a step to difficult. I've had slight exposure to Java and C# through uni and courses but not properly used it.

    Thanks for your time!


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    Default Re: User to select fields to include in a report/table

    or just a data set/table.
    Display a browse of the table and teach then how to use the Records menu, Export Selected Records. Possibly also how to quickfilter and use query by expression.
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