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Thread: mobile: datahandling and data upload off line and print invoice

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    Default mobile: datahandling and data upload off line and print invoice

    Using a mobile device, how will alpha handle data when there is no connection and will it be able to upload the information(data) when a solid connection is re-established? Along this line, What database will be on the phone to hold this information? Will alpha apps on a tablet be able to have a signature on an invoice? or print to a wifi printer?

    I know most (if not all) tablets can print to a wifi. I am just asking about alpha capabilities.
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    Default Re: mobile: datahandling and data upload off line and print invoice

    Any access with the client's hardware (e.g., reading/writing data, local printing, SMS messaging) is done via PhoneGap (Cordova). You can write your own Javascript code to interface directly with the PhoneGap API. There are currently a couple of Action Javascript routines which integrate with PhoneGap and there will eventually be more as A5V12 matures.

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