I cannot figure out the next step to change selected records of a grid. I have a attached a sample workspace that illustrates what I want to do. Here are the processing steps:

1. User opens MainMenuTabbedUI
2. User opens BooksGrid
3. User selects one or more records in the BooksGrid
4. User selects the Reassign button in the BooksGrid Action Bar
5. This opens a dialog where the user can select a new Owner for the selected books
6. User selects a new Owner and then selects the Reassign button on the dialog

Here is where I am stumped, how do I do the following:

1. Make sure the user has selected a new Owner when the Reassign button is pressed on the dialog?
2. Close the dialog when the Reassign button is used on the dialog?
3. Ask the user to confirm that they want to reassign the books that are selected on the BooksGrid?
4. And finally update the Owner_ID field on all of the books that are selected on the BooksGrid?

Thank you in advance for anyone's help,

PS: I'm unable to attach my zipped workspace to this message so here is a link to download: http://www.hpjobberonline.com/vnc/book_db.zip