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Thread: Fixed number of rollbacks - Cyclic clean backup zips for users

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    Default Fixed number of rollbacks - Cyclic clean backup zips for users

    If using DBFs (SQL has rollback functionality).
    A5 Incremental backup is for disaster recovery.
    -- Maintain a fixed number of rollback points and include selected group/s of tables that manage themselves.

    At the start of a routine where many tables will be updated, simply call backitup() and Set a flag to prevent user collision.
    If the full update does not complete, the relevant data files prior to that are fully intact. Otherwise release the flag.

    FUNCTION Backitup AS C () 'Can use parameters for any of the specific settings highlighted
    Srvrdrv = left(:a5.get_path(),3) 'Will pick up the drive letter
    how_many=  20    'Retain the last how_many-1 backups
    zip_filename = Srvrdrv +Foldername+ chr(92) + Zipname
    for i=1 to how_many
    	If .not. file.exists(full_zip_filename+str(i,2,0)+".zip") then
    	  exit for
    	End if
    if i=how_many ' Has reached the limit prepare next backup to begin at 1
    end if
    If file.exists(full_zip_filename+str(i+1,2,0)+".zip") then
    end if
    FILE.ZIP(thiszip,:a5.get_path()+ chr(92) +"invL*.*")
    FILE.ZIP(thiszip,:a5.get_path()+ chr(92) +"gltran.d??")
    ui_msg_box("Zipped Database","Database saved as"+crlf()+thiszip)
    This is working code.
    The files will be numbered from 1 to n with the oldest one always deleted. The next backup will use that number and delete the next and around to 1.
    Any improvements welcome and maybe an Xdlg for recovery.
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