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    Can you run a wordpress blog on an alpha five application server? Since alpha five is on port 80, I would like a wordpress blog on port 80. So I guess it would depend on alpha five application server to run php pages? Can this be done?

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    You can not run a web server hosting wordpress and the alpha five application server on the same port and same IP but there are ways around this. If the wordpress site is your public facing site you can run wordpress on port 80 then run your alpha server on port 8080. Another option is to run the alpha five application server on port 80 on a different IP then DNS map a subdomain to it or vice versa. The most tricky option is to map a URL address, for example to your alpha five application server IP.

    Right now I pull some alpha grids into a public facing wordpress site to show available products using an iframe. I have some ideas that I have yet to test to pull the grids natively into the wordpress html sent to the browser using the PHP file_get_contents() or include function to pull the alpha five rendered html page but there will probably be some path conflicts.
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