We have a new application that we are developing and it allows users to upload video files in mp4 format. We are using a CDN to stream the videos but all uploads are handled through our Alpha application. We are limiting the size of the files to around 400MB. So here is the issue.

We are using an API to upload and encode to the CDN. However, the api uses a VB.net method to upload the information...it works great. However the real issue is that one of the arguments required by the API is the full path name of the video file. When using an input type control in HTML you cannot get access to the full path name as most browsers prevent the application from accessing a user's file system. So what you end up with if you try to get the full path by using js is something like "fakepath/filename".

So our solution was to upload the video file through the WAS to store it in a known location. Then pass that path to the api so that it can uploaded and encoded and ultimately streamed through the cdn never using the WAS to stream it.

I was wondering if there were any other options to achieve our objective? I would prefer NOT to upload the file through the WAS just to get a known path and would rather just upload it directly to the CDN without involving the WAS.

Are there any other options? Is there a place we can temporarily store the file so that we know the path but not actually store it on the server?

The only other option is to have users manually type in the path for the video they want to upload but this fraught with too many potential errors and does not provide a great experience for users.