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Thread: Google Charts - Prompting For SQL Agruments

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    Default Re: Google Charts - Prompting For SQL Agruments

    Based on the component from post #16 in this chain, what is the code using either RGraph or Google Charts to pass data from the click of a bar in the chart so that it can be used in a second drill down chart?
    Here is what I am trying to do:
    1. user selects a supplier (for example: New England Seafood Cannery) and presses the Refresh Chart button
    2. user then clicks on bar (for example: "Boston Crab Meat")
    3. The "Boston Crab Meat" value is then used in the xbasic script as a filtering parameter in a second chart

    I am trying to figure out step #3 above for how to pass the value from the click on the chart to an xbasic session or page variable so that the parameter can be used in an xbasic sql script to get data for a second chart.

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    Default Re: Google Charts - Prompting For SQL Agruments

    Help Frank,
    I am very new to Alpha Software. My use case is as mentioned below.

    Use case: Pie chart showing how much business the company has bound with the different carriers we work with. The pie chart should be capable of being drilled down. For example if you double click one of the carriers in the pie chart it opens a pie chart that shows the percentage of each coverage is bound with that carrier including the total limits and total premium. Ex. GIG -> LPIG -> 16%, $39,00,000 in limits, $1,900,00 in premium.

    Please help me to set a working approach.


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