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Thread: Pop up Alpha adds on the forum.

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    Default Pop up Alpha adds on the forum.

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    I know this forum is hosted by Alpha but is anyone else annoyed by these latest pop up adds. Actually they are pop down adds. I am finding less time these days to be on the forum so my helping out activity has been pretty dismal of late. If I have to keep dodging these drop down adds that take up half my screen regularly then I will find some where else to spend any free time i may occasionally come across.

    Are any others getting these things?
    Is this something the moderators can look into? And or possibly explain? Is there a way to turn them off?

    Thanks for listening.
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    Tim Kiebert
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    Default Re: Pop up Alpha adds on the forum.

    Yes, very annoying - and I don't seem to be able to get them to go away as there's no obvious close or hide button.

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    Default Re: Pop up Alpha adds on the forum.

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    Default Re: Pop up Alpha adds on the forum.

    I feel left out.

    I have not had any!

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    Default Re: Pop up Alpha adds on the forum.

    The forum is on vbulletin, and there is a way to put an advertising banner into or above as well as to one side, but the banner needs to be properly sized so as not to hamper usage. example for a rotating top banner might be 768 wide and 100 high in pixels. A side banner could be about 160 wide and maybe 600 high in pixels. anything more could cause issues. If they wanted to make it change, the cheap way is create and animated gif with maybe 6 or 8 different views and a rotation about 6-8 seconds.
    Dave Mason
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