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Thread: Upgrade?

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    Default Upgrade?

    We are currently using QReportBuilder 2011 with QuickBooks Premier 2011. We will be upgrading to Premier 2014 as required for support. I have the following questions:
    1) Will QReportBuilder 2011 work with Premier 2014?
    2) If not, is there a newer version that will work with Premier 2014?
    3) If it there is a newer version, will I have to do anything to my existing reports to be compatible?
    4) If no options will work, do you have any recommendations for another program that will create reports like QReportBuilder?

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    Default Re: Upgrade?


    Thanks for writing. I've sent you an email also.

    We have an option to use a runtime version of Alpha 5 with a new QODBC driver to work with the latest versions of QuickBooks.

    We need to install this for you and test with your reports to make sure it works in your installation.
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