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Thread: Forum Search Not Working

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    Default Forum Search Not Working

    Is it just me or is the search for the forum not working correctly anymore?

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    Default Re: Forum Search Not Working

    Define correctly.

    Seems to work for me.
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    Default Re: Forum Search Not Working

    I noticed some weirdness trying to do advanced search and filter on specific sub-forums in the additional options.

    So now I just search the whole message board and read what subforum that a message thread is located within, before I click on it.

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    Default Re: Forum Search Not Working

    Not sure if it is anymore useless than usual :) I have ALWAYS found the search on this forum hopeless.
    More often than not, I search and search, can't find anything like the problem I am having... so post a new thread and then once I submit it, freaking threads come up in the "Related threads" section at the bottom that answer my problem.
    So frustrating!

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