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    Default Owner - retired

    I retired from active accounting & kept my database of clients. When I tried to access an old friend to get their address I go the message that the program wasn't licensed for this computer. I put in the only license number I had that came with the disc. what gives?

    Verne Payne
    VEP Accounting & Taxes

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    You should probably contact Alpha directly by email or a phone call - this message board is not advertised to be monitored by AS all the time and your post could easily get overlooked. You may want to include your software version and complete contact info when you email them.
    Good luck!
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    I cannot recall the exact timing but sometime around Windows 7 or XP, any Windows based Alpha version prior to (I think) version 10.5 will not work properly. Advice is to find an older computer, copy all of your Alpha files to that computer, and open it there. If you don't have an older computer, another option is to find someone here with a new version of Alpha, like version 11, and give them your database to open if for you. The only other alternative is going to cost you plenty to upgrade Alpha to the latest version.
    Steve Wood
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    Hi Verne,
    There are a couple options here, none of which should be attempted without first making a copy of the files you have.
    There is an option to run Alpha in "compatibility mode". You do this by right-clicking on the Alpha5 icon, then choose properties, then choose compatibility (see image).
    The other option is to take advantage of Alpha Software's Demo option. I believe this gives you 30 days to "kick the tires" at no charge.

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