Alpha Custom Database Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the release of ACDS Gantt Version 1.0


Alpha Custom Database Solutions, LLC (ACDS) ACDS Gantt is a custom user defined web component addition for use with Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere or Alpha Five version 11 RAD environments (A5). It is supported for use in A5 browser/mobile based applications (A5 desktop and A5 WCD are not supported). A supported SQL backend is required. There is no support for DBF tables. The component uses a builder, much like native Alpha Five web components, to add a third party Gantt chart control, DHX's dhtmlxGantt, a product of Dinamenta, UAB, to your web project.

The ACDS Gantt uses the DHX dhtmlxGantt Javascript libraries and custom Xbasic code to give the A5 developer a Gantt Chart to use in A5 web projects with full interaction to a SQL backend. Currently tested and supported databases are MySql, Maria DB, Oracle, postgreSQL, Access, and MS SQL Server. Database interaction is accomplished using Alpha's AlphaDAO and portable SQL for seamless support of various databases. Once the necessary SQL tables and AlphaDAO connection string is in place a Gantt can be added to a web project with a few clicks of the mouse. No other coding is required for a basic Gantt control. The ACDS Gantt builder allows for custom HTML to be inserted above and below the Gantt and also provides both pre-initialization and post-initialization Javascript sections that allow the developer to leverage the powerful and feature rich DHX Gantt API.

For a detailed overview of creating your first ACDS Gantt there are videos located at:
Full documentation can be found at:

Where to buy
This and other independent developer add on solutions can be purchased at the IADN store.

More information can be found on the ACDS Gantt website.