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Thread: Will Alpha Five V6 run on Windows 7?

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    Default Will Alpha Five V6 run on Windows 7?

    I have a client that is running Alpha Five V6 on 2 XP machines. One machine is sharing the database with the other machine. My client wants to replace the server machine with a Windows 7 machine. Will Alpha Five V6 run on the Window 7 and share the database with the XP machine.


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    Default Re: Will Alpha Five V6 run on Windows 7?

    I run Alpha5v6 on a Windows 7 machine, no problems. However, the machine does not act as a server.
    Mike Squyres

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    Default Re: Will Alpha Five V6 run on Windows 7?

    Even though it is not suggested to run v6 on windows 7, I did run v7 on win7 for a long time and still doing it on a few. You can use about anything as the server that has to do with windows. The runtime could be a little more difficult. Most suggest the runtime be run on the root like c:\folder instead of in program files. (just a hint)
    Dave Mason
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