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Thread: Established Export Operations / Clicking on Design Crashes A5

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    Default Established Export Operations / Clicking on Design Crashes A5

    I am running A5V8 on my Win 7 Pro machine with Compatibility Mode XP SP3. Our outside IT people loaded Kaspersky onto most of our computers last week. The next day I tried to go into design on an Export Operation that I have used weekly with no trouble until now. Any of my established Export Operations will crash A5 if I click on Design. I can RUN the operation and that works fine, but I need access to the design end.

    All other established operations in the database, append, update, mark, etc. will let me get into design with no problem. It's the export design only that crashes the program. The exports are to Excel.

    I tried creating a new export and once it was saved, I went to design and it crashed and closed the program.

    The outside IT people had Kaspersky remote into my machine to show them and they claim Kaspersky has nothing to do with this. The stopped the service from running and it still would crash with the service stopped.

    I am at a loss as to why it worked before the Kaspersky install and not after. I have an XP machine that I can access my database on and the design still works there... that machine does not have Kaspersky on it..... yet.

    Please let me know what I can do to get the design capability back.

    HELP ... anyone??

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    Default Re: Established Export Operations / Clicking on Design Crashes A5

    Virus programs can quarantine files that are necessary to Alpha running correctly. (usually .dll files)

    Even with the virus program removed the dll may have been moved to a quarantine directory and not restored to the original location.

    Did you notice this thread earlier today? Different antivirus, similar situation.
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