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Thread: Xbasic Syntax Checker

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    Default Xbasic Syntax Checker

    Check this out. One of my clients has to enter complex xbasic math formula to derive values for records during a process. An example formula might be ROUND_UP(SQFT * 1.5 , 2). "round_up" is an xbasic function and "SQFT" is a local variable that they set somewhere else in the application. There are many dozens of these local variables, all stored in a table named local_vars.

    The formula are complex enough that they need to check the syntax for accurate xbasic function use, balanced parenthesis, and that any local vars used are indeed in the local_vars table.

    Somewhere else in the system they fire off a process that uses all of these calculations inside an SQL script such as INSERT INTO mytable (hours) VALUES (myformula). Where "myforumula" is the formula set in the grid (as defined above). Obviously if the formula is bad, it will blow the entire SQL query.

    So I wrote this Syntax Checker that validates the xbasic expression including validating that the local vars are legitimate.

    In the attached images, the first image shows the syntax as invalid because there is no xbasic function named "ROUNDUP()", it is named "ROUND_UP()"

    In another part of the application I have a button that checks ALL of the formulas and returns a list of the records with bad formula. Given that the client has hundreds of such formula, this is a big time saver.
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