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Thread: Will A5V8 work with newer PC and Browsers?

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    Larry Opanasenko
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    Default Will A5V8 work with newer PC and Browsers?

    I have an old copy of A5V8 (and the web application server) that I purchased and used several years ago. For a time, I had an application on-line and ran it on a desktop PC with the service from (to work around my dynamic IP address). I can’t justify paying $900 for the latest version. I’m just an individual user and not a professional developer getting paid. But, after several years of not using it, I now would like to create another simple on-line database.
    I guess I would need a new activation code if I don’t use it on the same machine. Is that permissible? I no longer have it installed.
    I previously used it on an XP PC. Any problems running on Win 7 or 8?
    Any problems with users today that would use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox?
    You will probably tell me to purchase the latest version for the newest functionality. Perhaps in the future but not now.
    Do you anticipate any problems I would have running this old version today?
    LMOTCOB (Larry O - Taking Care Of Business)

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    Doug Allison
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    Default Re: Will A5V8 work with newer PC and Browsers?

    Hi, Larry,

    I have been using A5V8 on a Windows Vista machine without a problem. I recently replaced my laptop and installed it on a new Windows 8 laptop. I got a warning that it was not designed to run on this operating system, but I let Windows run its compatibility troubleshooter and it suggested running it as compatible with Windows Vista Service Pack 2. It runs fine but is noticeably slower. Specifically, the display refresh is slow. But it works so far. I haven't used it extensively yet on this machine, so I can't say that every function will work.

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