I am currently evaluating the AA for development in mobilized apps. I was wondering if there was an integrated security framework like in the tabbed UI for the mobileUX login?

After going through the video tutorials, I have been successful at both adding new users through the SecurityFramework-CreateNewUserAccount_and_AddUserInformationtoRelatedTable template and logging in a user with the SecruityFramework-LogInComponentMobileApp. What is the best method to actually integrate both these functions in a Panel? Eventually I'd like to be able to Login, Add New User, Edit Existing User in One Panel, that would embed 3 UX components in a simple panel.

I initially created a Panel Navigator with two Buttons that link to embedded objects 1) The Login UX and 2) Add New User UX. Is there a more integrated approach l ie. The tabUI that allows both a register new user and a registered user login dialog?

I'm definitely looking forward to explore the type of functionality available in Alpha 5 for mobilized apps.