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Thread: Alpha 4 Version 7 New Error Message

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    Default Alpha 4 Version 7 New Error Message

    We've been running this version of Alpha since 1994/95 and have recently started getting error messages. I have several remote users where we have set up stations inside for them to remote into. One user is have a difficult time and gets this message almost every time she accesses our system. When this message shows up we are all locked out of Alpha. For example I try to access Alpha when I come in the office in the morning and I can sign on but can't view. I go to this persons computer the attached error message shows up and I have to escape her out. Once I do that the system is fine. Now yesterday I was at lunch and when I came back I had the same message on my computer, which is NOT a remote computer and I was just on a regular order screen. Does any have any ideas??? We have been running Alpha on XP computers for years with nor problems.
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    Default Re: Alpha 4 Version 7 New Error Message

    Hi Nancy,

    If MS was still sending updates for XP, I would think she got one and yours came later.

    I don't always comment on a4 anymore. But, it may be time to move on to a5. It is not that expensive and it does not take much to learn or you can contact one of the several on there that can do that for you.

    Just a suggestion because as MS moves on, it will not get better. The other is that there is no longer very much help for xp.
    Dave Mason
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    Default Re: Alpha 4 Version 7 New Error Message

    Nancy what has changed recently on the systems?

    I found That online backup systems may be locking files.
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