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    Default Error trying to

    Hello, I am trying to Create a new report based on a QuickBooks report. When I Create new report and select a QuickBooks report I get the following error (see attached).

    Script:UI_DLG_BOX:Get Data from QuickBooks Report:........

    This happens when I select any QuickBooks report?

    QReportBuilder works fine with any of the tables but this is the first time I have tried to use a QuickBooks report as the source.

    We are using QuickBooks Enterprise 11.0 (US) and QReportBuilder 2009 Version 9 Build 2193.


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    I talked to Wayne because I haven't seen this error before.

    Gave him a work around to use an AlphaDAO import and built a set on the table created by it. Use the set to build reports on.
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