I'm an alpha newbie looking for design advice for setting up my alpha application's data sourcing. Offline, mobile device use is critical to my application, and so my thoughts were to use a UX component in Alpha. Because of the way that panel navigators navigate card to card in a single component with transitions, my thought was to use a single UX component with a separate panel card for each child table, all of which are tied to one parent table.

I want to push the full data content in these low-record parent-child one-to-many tables to alpha's offline storage (along with some other reference tables), and allow data entry for parent, child, and grandchild tables either in repeating sections or in list controls.
My simplified table structure in SQL Server looks like this:

Parent Table

And here's a quick sketch of the intended UI:
Attachment 39398

Excuse my ignorance, but I attempted to use the Data Binding ->"Bind UX Controls" and received an error that I cannot include my grandchild table in a single UX component. "One to many links in the UX must be linked to a table in the <Top Level> of the UX."
Is this correct? Am I going about this the wrong way? Do I need to use parent/child list controls and not repeating sections ?
I would really appreciate some direction in using AlphaDAO tables in the way I describe above, as I haven't been able to find the UX component videos/references I'm looking for. (I also have Liberty Manuals Version 12 Vol 1, but I don't see any reference to this issue.)