I have spent the last couple hours regarding the forum regarding performance questions and couldn't find anything regarding the following....

I continue to fester about not writing my application correctly and somehow painting myself into a corner regarding performance and specifically how it relates to reports and the sql source from my Postgres backend.

#1 Is it generally better to get data from the Postgres backend that....
a. Is one view that has many columns, some of them computed, even though the report doesn't necessarily need all of the columns and Alpha 5 only pulls the needed columns through the SELECT statement
- or -
b. Use several different views that have a few specific computed columns combined through JOIN
- or -
c. Use several different views that have a few specific computed columns AND tables with non-computed columns with all being combined through JOIN

Reason I asked is that I discovered that having a view on the Postgres backend was an order of magnitude faster than having Alpha 5 construct the data in a SQL statement. Worried that by combing views within the SQL statement on Alpha 5 may be slowing things down, rather than just SELECTing the needed columns from a single larger than necessary VIEW.

An example of the data I am referring to is the process of taking Salutation, Firstname, Middlename, Lastname, Suffix, Nickname, Company from a table and using the necessary programming logic to eliminate blanks and add commas in a salutation statement, mailing label, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts..