I am using a tree control as a menu for the mobile application. The tree control is enclosed in a container window and is opened with a button control on the panel. No problem coding the menu selections so that it opens the other panel and closes the tree menu container window when a selection is made to go to another panel in the app. But, if I click on the menu button again, it takes me back to the menu, but it is still open at the second level where the selection was made. I have used {dialog.object}.closeContainerWindow(WINDOW_MAINMENU) to close the window and that works fine. But it does not reset the tree menu to its original state being collapsed to level 1. How do I close it so that when it opens again, it opens at the top menu choice level, rather than the level 2 submenu selection that took me to the other panel.

The menu looks like this:

Accounts (level 1)
Search (level 2)
Account List
Account Details
Contacts List

etc., etc.

I can't find any documentation or videos on the subject.