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Thread: mandrill attachments

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    Default mandrill attachments

    So I know there are two ways to add attachments to mandrill...

    "ms.attachments" -- this is just a comma delimited list of file locations on the server

    "ms.attachmentsArray" -- an array of attachments where you set the name, type, and content

    Is there a way to combine these two in the same mandrill call?

    Here is my use case, a user selects certain files that are attached to a particular unique ID (they will select these from a list which will give me the file paths), but they will also want to send an invoice along with these files (the invoice doesn't exist as a file on the server but would be printed using the report server and the xBasic option to add it to an email in mandrill). In selwyn's video he uses the ms.attachmentsArray of mandril but it doesn't look like there is a way to dynamically set how many attachments there are when you set up this variable (unless you can say attachmentsArray[] and then just add as many as you want?). So I was thinking I could maybe combine these two options to do what I want, anyone know if this is possible?

    I figure my other option (which I'm still not sure yet how to implement) would be to save the printed report (using the a5_report_saveAs method) and then just using ms.attachments to send the attachments with the email but I'm not sure the timing would work (i.e. giving the report enough time to save so that when I get a pointer to its file location it will exist to send). I'm also weary about this procedure because I don't want to end up with a bunch of duplicate invoice reports sitting on the server (and I'm not sure there is an easy way to delete the invoice file after it is confirmed the email is sent to the mandrill service).

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    Default Re: mandrill attachments

    Well after staying up all night I am at a loss for what to do here. I was able to convert a run report (click a button to run a report and have it call an xbasic function to handle it) from a blob to a file using file.from_blob and then was able to use ms.attachments to attach this file and a file selected from a list that had a directory path to an email and send it (half the problem solved). Now the issue is, the list of files to be selected from can contain linked files (such as the one I got to work) or embedded image files (from a mySQL longblob field). I have tried everything to no avail to get the blob to send via email (which seems strange being the report is a blob and it is easily converted to a file and then that file can be sent). The issue isn't really the converting the blob to a file (if I have blob fields embed HTML option checked I am able to create a file on my server using file.from_blob), but this issue is this file is corrupt and therefore doesn't open and when trying to pull the file using ms.attachments I get an error message saying it can't find the attachment.

    So the simple question is, is there a way to send a blob file via email using mandrill (not using the run report blob image as I already have this one working) but rather selecting an item in a list that has the blob data in the list?

    Side note...I noticed if I didn't have the embed HTML checked then the blob data in my list was a file directory to a temp folder of app data, tried adding this to the ms.attachments property but it said it couldn't find the file. Also tried to convert this to a blob using file.to_blob method but again it said it couldn't find the file. Thanks for any help!

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