Some time ago I purchased the Addin for Google Maps for A5V11. Loved it. Then we lost it due to IE11. I found an app that rendered Google maps with IE11 and was curious. It was Cal Locklin that did it. I cannot take credit but, with his permission, I would like to pass on to everyone using A5V11 a cool way to use Google maps. Thank you again Cal Locklin.

'--------put this on a button on a form with fields; STUD_ADDRESS,STUD_CITY,STUD_STATE,STUD_ZIPCODE 
'--------takes address from fields on form and locates in Google Map, 
'--------uses default browser ie Chrome, IE (any ver), Firefox, Pale Moon

    addrv = urlencode(trim(parentform:STUD_ADDRESS.text))
    cityv = urlencode(trim(parentform:STUD_CITY.text))
    statev = urlencode(trim(PARENTFORM:STUD_STATE.text))
    zipv = urlencode(trim(parentform:STUD_ZIPCODE.text))

    full_addr = addrv + ",%20" + cityv + ",%20" + statev + zipv
'--------Don't need a country for US or Canada because Google figures it out from the City/State(Province).
'--------The "z" value is the zoom level (1-20). Higher numbers are closer in. 14 or 15 seems a good start.
'--------sys_open("" + full_addr + "&z=15")    

    sys_open("" + full_addr + "&z=15")
Please feel free to add to this post and thank you to all who have posted over the years.