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Thread: List Control - NEXT navigation runs off end of List.

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    Default List Control - NEXT navigation runs off end of List.

    Update only list ... NEXT runs off end and creates a new entry.

    I kind of expected to see LIST Properties of:
    • Can Insert
    • Can Update
    • Can Delete

    But haven't found them.

    Sure, I can test for last position and disable NEXT or test for First position and disable PREVIOUS but this caught me surprise on this one. Hope I'm wrong and don't have to mess with that on every list navigation.

    My List is not a paginated mobile list. The navigation buttons are documented to require a paginated list.
    So using the next/previous navigation might not be applicable. It works, though, until it hits the end of the list.

    Previous, FIRST and LAST work as desired, even on a list not configured as 'Paginate.'
    NEXT works but will run off end of list and create a new list entry without my permission.
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