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Thread: Detect when embedded grid is dirty

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    Default Detect when embedded grid is dirty

    I have a databound UX with a list control (and several embedded grids). The list control is used to populate my UX. I need to prevent users from making a selection in the list when my UX is dirty. I do this by adding this, dialog.isDataDirty = 0, in my list's 'Enable expression'. This works well for the UX's controls but doesn't for my embedded grids that are in this same UX.

    Is there a method to detect if an embedded grid is dirty?
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    Default Re: Detect when embedded grid is dirty

    I haven't tried this because it would take some time to set up... but I would think you could get a pointer to your Grid object... and then invoke the grid .isDiry method on it.

    They're all just objects that you can get to. As long as you've got a pointer to it, you can use any of it's own methods.

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