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Thread: Filter report with multiple parameters

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    Default Re: Filter report with multiple parameters

    Yes the SP is the report's datasource.
    These are the steps:
    1. Create a new report based on <SQL Data Source>
    2. In your data source, for SQL Syntax select "Stored Procedure"
    3. Create your report arguments as shown in my previous screenshot and add a call to your stored procedure passing the report arguments :arg1, :arg2 etc. that you created.
    4. Now when you design your report, AA will grab the metadata for the fields in your SP so you can drag and drop your fields in the report.
    5. Click preview and your SP will be executed and the report previewed.
    6. Then in your UX you can use a JavaScript Action to open that report and update its arguments/parameters with the values of your UX controls expected by your SP.

    As you can see the most important part is to make sure your SP is working properly in MySQL before you can use it anywhere in AA.
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    Default Re: Filter report with multiple parameters

    Thank you Edhy, that helps a lot. I appreciate you spending the time to help me.
    I will tackle this next week.

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    Default Re: Filter report with multiple parameters

    We have expanded the report UX with a way to enable and disable the filter fields based on which report will be run. In the screenshot we have filter fields which may or may not be in the reports underlying datasource, but we want to be able to run many reports from one UX and using the same filters. To do this we allow the user to first click which report they want to run, this does not run the report, but instead it sets some checkboxes true or false for each of the filter fields on the UX. If the checkbox is true then the filter field is enabled, if not then it is disabled and the user cannot use the filter, since the datasourse does not contain that field. It would actually not do anything anyway, but it can confuse users if they select a filter that has no bearing on the outcome of the report.

    My question is there an easier way to do this than what we came up with? Still not confident using Alpha, and sometimes we do things the round about way.

    We will be adding a few more filter fields and a lot more reports to this UX, but it seems to work ok, so far.
    We started by trying to just enable and disable the fields when the report is selected, but never had any luck, so we used the checkboxes.

    If anyone has a better way, please let us know before we build this bigger and expand to other modules in the application.

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