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Thread: Need Assistance

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    Default Need Assistance

    Hi! I bought Alpha Five v11 several years ago, February 20, 2013 to be exact. I installed it in my previous computer, unfortunately, my computer crashed and totally beyond repair. I installed Alpha Five app again in my new computer, but my Developer license number was rejected during product activation. I called customer service last month, and they promised to reset my account so I could install the application into my new computer, but it's still not working. Can anyone direct to the right department who can help me reuse my Alpha Five V11? Please, please... I need assistance.

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    I have always had quick results with emailing customer service.

    Then again, if you name your new computer with the same name as the old machine, activation should proceed without any issues if the "license number was rejected" is intended to mean that activation was denied because the license number was already in use.
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