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Thread: Disconnected application

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    Default Disconnected application

    Is there a way to force an app to locally store and refresh form metadata when initiating in an offline state? I have an app that works fine when opened in a connected state (using company wifi) and then taken offline but will not show any fields when opened in an offline state. This is a concern for users who wish to review or add records when out of range of wifi.

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    Default Re: Disconnected application

    To paraphrase a bit... "Review or add records" when opened in an offline state...

    Add... yes.

    But review? This depends on what you want to be able to review. If you're offline... then there is no getting data. So... current stuff is not available. But... if you were online at some point... and had data... e.g. in a List control... shut down the app... went offline and then opened again... you'd still have that data.

    Do you want to pre-load data and have something there even if you were never online?

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