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Thread: Rusty Skills - Need Oil

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    Default Rusty Skills - Need Oil

    Much of my past two years have been focused largely on design and development of a Visual Studio desktop application. During that time, Alpha has - as one might expect - continued moving forward, adding new features and even (a bit to my dismay) changing the developer UI a bit requiring that I search for things I once found easily and quickly.

    It is now time to focus on the marketing website. Purchases will be handled via the website - and I feel Alpha is a good platform candidate for that particular area of functionality. The static website work (html/css) is nearly complete, leaving only the order/payment page.

    Problem is, my Alpha skills are rusty. Squeaking, Creaking Rusty. If I am to complete this stage in a timely fashion, I suspect some direct one-on-one consultation and guidance may be beneficial. To that end, I am looking for someone to guide me in constructing my order/payment page based on my existing static web design. On that page there is a price/feature matrix (html/css - DONE). There must also be a section for the prospect to select the software version and some specific features (probably checkbox or radio buttons), and, finally, the section to accept credit card info. Those sections are presumably ripe for Alpha.

    At this time, the critical need is limited essentially to that single page.

    I envision an arrangement whereby I sufficiently describe the goals. Then you may perhaps offer a quick "take this approach" response - in the hope it will refresh my memories. If that fails, I would then come back to you for additional detail and guidance.

    It is possible - I suppose - this could all be done in one hour (or even less). I just do not recall enough to accurately estimate.

    Anybody available? Please respond with general comments via forum, proposal details (including costs) via PM.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Rusty Skills - Need Oil

    Hi Jon,

    I would imagine a number of forum readers followed this message until "It is possible - I suppose - this could all be done in one hour (or even less)". To sufficiently understand your requirements and formulate a best course of action would take more than an hour. Alpha has a number of options for online payments and is most likely well suited for what you need.

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