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Thread: Will Alpha Four Version 8 work on Windows 7?

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    Default Will Alpha Four Version 8 work on Windows 7?

    I ask this because I installed it on my Windows 7 machine.
    When I started Alpha Four, it prompted me to enter my license key.
    I entered the key and got the message, "Alpha Four license file could not be created. Cannot start Alpha Four."
    I re-tried several times with the same result.
    The license key has the following format:
    Thank you.

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    Robert Smith
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    Default Re: Will Alpha Four Version 8 work on Windows 7?

    The short answer is NO. However you can install virtual machine loaded with winxp and alpha4 will run just fine. You can also use dosbox, they say it is not for databases but I have been using both combinations without data loss or corruption, doing so for over 2 years as I never liked Alpha5 or any of the Windows Programs. I do not need anything fancy as I no longer develop programs for others. My program was originally written in DB III, then Alpha4v2,3,5,6,7.
    I have a win7 running dosbox, 2 Linux based machines running Oracle Virtual Machine, the data is on a win xp server. 1 running on a regular old XP laptop. Other than screen size issues, all work flawlessly. Good Luck

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    Default Re: Will Alpha Four Version 8 work on Windows 7?

    Did you install in the program files directory?

    Try using a new directory off the root.
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    Default Re: Will Alpha Four Version 8 work on Windows 7?

    I used for few years Alpha Four Version 8, which I installed on Widows 7 32 bit. All worked fine, except printing, which never bothered me much, as I output most prints to text files.
    Currently use Alpha Four V8 installed on XP in virtual box, using Oracle VM Virtual Box manager

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    Default Re: Will Alpha Four Version 8 work on Windows 7?

    Try installing it and running it as Admin. If you are not running as admin, the license probably won't take.

    You might also try turning off UAC and/or running in XP emulation mode.

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