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Thread: Losing Field Record events

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    Default Losing Field Record events

    I have a table with a number of Field Rules / Field Record Events attached.
    The field record events are working fine.
    My issue is that when I edit the field record events I experience the loss of them i.e if I edit cansave & save the field rules, they save but the existing onsave events disappear.
    This is either a problem with the table (I have tried compacting) or it is a bug.
    I posted this problem elsewhere on the forum, but it was suggested I try here.

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    Default Re: Losing Field Record events

    It would be hard to determine what is happening with seeing what you have, what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it.

    In other words, your question is too vague(at least for me)

    Actually this is a programming issue. Not sure why someone sent you here.

    Are you trying to do all of this in the field rules? or Are you trying to do something from a form?

    Probably 2 things are needed to determine.

    A copy of the files with pertinent real data removed and maybe a jing movie showing what you are trying.
    Dave Mason
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    Post Re: Losing Field Record events

    Hi Terry,

    What version of AA are you using?
    Is that desktop or Web?

    What database are you using? Ms SQL , MySQL or Dbfs?


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